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The Ring of Fire WhatsApp group is a communication channel for those that have committed to praying for Ashford one day every month.  If you would like to make that commitment, please enter the date of each month (number between 1 and 31) in the message field and enter your mobile number in the phone field.  You do not have to be a member of the WhatsApp group to join the Ring of Fire.  For more information go to Prayer

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We love coming together from Churches across Ashford to pray for Our Town.  We believe  that there is Power in United Prayer and are always Blessed when we meet.  Why not join us?



We prayed blessings for –


Youth Workers.

The equipping of young people who know the Lord to be able to cope with all that they face.

The young people that don’t yet believe.

Ashford Street Pastors – the ministry would be blessed with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The HOTS work – that those volunteering would be filled with the Lords love and that there would be lots of testimonies.

Schools, Teachers, educators to have courage and keep their eyes on the Lord.

Children learning.

William Harvey Hospital – physical healing and spiritual healing via the chaplains.  Dr’s and resources.

GP surgeries, availability of appointments, patient’s wellbeing.

That God would grant His favour on the medical profession in Ashford.

Those suffering with depression would be blessed with freedom.

Those that minister in the care homes.

Thanked God for the open spaces in Ashford.  Blessed the parks and the meetings that take place in them.  As groups gather that they would be blessed.

Wisdom for the Council with all the building that is going on.

Prayed life into the High Street that it would be the hub of the town once more.

Blessed each shop and empty unit.

Pastors and all church leaders that they would tread straight paths and speak the word of God.

Fathers – blessings on all Dad’s.  That they would be role models for the next generation.

Blessings on families and marriages.

The Contact centre and relationships.

That there would be a fresh outpouring on the CTA and the Ashford Together Charity.  We thanked God for the Winter Night Shelter, Street Pastors and now HOTS being allowed by the council and the relationship the Church has with it.  We prayed the council would continue to be a strong beacon and be bold and courageous in partnering with the Churches in Ashford and for protection over this.

We prayed abundant blessing over the council, the council chaplains and specifically about the recent discussions around removing the prayers at the start of the meeting.  We prayed the that name of Jesus would continue to be lifted high in our town and country and that Ashford would shine a light for Jesus.


We were encouraged by some feedback that had been given from a visiting speaker that when they came into Ashford, they could see fire over the downs and that the atmosphere had shifted for the better since a previous visit.  This was encouraging and interpreted as a sign that the Ring of Fire over Ashford is making a difference.