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We know people already pray for the town and surrounding villages and we have felt called to bring the praying people of Ashford together to unite in this endeavour.  We wanted to soak Ashford in a continuous stream of prayer and one way of doing that is to have a ring of fire.  


The idea is that individuals or groups of people choose a number between 1 and 31.  On that day of each month, we commit to fast and pray for Ashford.   In this context we would fast from “something” and replace that time with prayer.  This could be a meal, or a favourite TV programme, social media, whatever pleasure takes up your time, that you can sacrifice and use to pray instead.  Many of us have to work and so will need to be creative about how we achieve this.


If you would like to be involved sign up here or contact us for more information using the form below.

Check out below what God has been saying to us as we have prayed.

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Ring of Fire Prayer Feedback

October 22, 2018

Lots to be encouraged about again.  God reassuring us that our prayers are heard, valued and important.

Prayer Feedback Feb to July 18

May 27, 2018

God continues to encourage us often giving different people similar images or themes.  We have been hearing of a growing need for unity across the churches bringing all together as one body of Christ.

Prayer feedback Sep to Feb 18

February 16, 2018

Ring of Fire - God speaking to us.

Prayer Feedback Aug - Sep 2017

We have; seen rainbows, heard we need to be still and KNOW that He is God, been encouraged to find what we have lost, to be real and worry less about how we look to the world but to stand up and make a difference and much, much more.  Have a look.....

Prayer Feedback June - July 2017

Discover what God has been telling us while we have been praying for Ashford

Prayer Feedback July 2017

Read Gods' words to us about unblocking of wells, hearts and and living water.

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Email AIM today to find out more by using the contact form on the right.

The Ring of Fire WhatsApp group is a communication channel for those that have committed to praying for Ashford one day every month.  If you would like to make that commitment, please enter the date of each month (number between 1 and 31) in the message field and enter your mobile number in the phone field.  You do not have to be a member of the WhatsApp group to join the Ring of Fire.  For more information go to Prayer

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