Whether you are just starting out on your prayer journey or are a seasoned prayer warrior we hope you will find these resources of interest. 

Step Out In the Spirit

Jonathan Oloyede visited Willesborough Baptist Church July 2017 to continue his series of teachings.  This time he spoke about The Prayer Altar, Truth v Facts and our Spiritual Armoury.

Fire Up Your Spirit

Jonathan Oloyede visited Ashford Baptist Church in April 2017 and delivered a day of teaching entitled 'Fire Up Your Spirit'.  It was a a great day that really did fire us up and spoke to us of what it means to be a Christian here and now.  The powerpoint slides from that day are available to download.  The videos of the day are below in the video section.

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Heavy Rain by Kris Vallotton

The sub title to this book is 'How to flood your world with Gods' Transforming Power. 

An inspiring book that encourages us to be leaven wherever we are, being carfeul how we exercise our opinions but not compromising the word and becoming people pleasers.  To understand that transformation requires assimilation not just consumption.  To arise and shine and not arise and reflect...

Kris says a Church that has not shown people miracles has failed by not showing people what they are able to choose.  Without miracles Church is reduced to words, concepts and good works like many other "clubs".  

The book is uplifting and positive showing us how we can all play our part in the great commission.

Dirty Glory by Pete Grieg

We have both read this book - it is an easy read and encourages you to think seriously about the power of prayer.  It makes you want to go deeper and the testimonies are encouraging and thought provoking.

Fashioned to Reign by Kris Vallotton

The sub title to this book is 'Empowering Women to Fulfill Their Divine Destiny'.  This is definitely a book worth reading if you have ever questioned the role of women and how that has been portrayed since the Garden of Eden. 

Kris writes: "God fashioned women to reign alongside men.  Jesus set us free to be our true selves.  It's time for all of us, as daughters and sons of the King to rule together".

I loved this book and so I would, being a woman, but what I love most about it is that Kris points out just how valued women are throughout the Bible and takes us on a journey through well known Bible verses to encourage us to understand them differently.  This book seeks to set straight the God given identity of both men and women empowering both genders to be the way we were always meant to be. 

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Fire Up Your Spirit

Video of the Jonathan Oloyede Event on 01.04.17

Jonathan Oloyede at the Fire Up Your Spirit Event 01.04.17.  There are 5 videos and each should be available as you watch the preceding one.

Know Your Enemy


A 10 hour in-depth historical and biblical look at powers that have shaped this world from the times of Nimrod to now from the FUELPROJECT.

Most Annointed Preaching Ever

Various Preachers

This video joins together a number of parts of sermons by well known preachers.  They are preaching on Revival, Sleeping Christians, their view of the issues with the Church at that time.  Some interesting, challenging  and inspiring thoughts from these powerful speakers.

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I came across this video whilst browsing for something else.  The heart cry for us to pray for Britain resounded with our own desires at AIM.  We too feel that God is calling us to pray for our towns and country now more than ever.  Our Lord is on the move and we are called to come together as one family of God and seek His will for our land.

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